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Primoforno Frozen Bread line is an unique speciality. A product completely handmade in artisan way.

One of the key features of this bread, made in Altamura land, is the combination of taste and digestibility.
Its long shelf life allows this traditional bread to keep its unique great taste and aroma for a period of 2-3 days from thawing it.
This artisan bread keeps its longer shelf life, due to the slow natural leavening process used.
Immediately frozen and packed after baking , this bread offers a 12 month shelf life.

This bread is ideal for RETAIL, FOODSERVICE AND INSTORE BAKING. When product is thaw out of freezer and baked it, it has freshness and aroma, as a freshly baked bread.


Pane di Semola 500g


Ciabattone 450g


Ciabatta 4 Cuts 300g


Filone 300g


Ciabattina 35g


Ciabattina 100g