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The tracking and tracing of ingredients and finished products are crucial tools for food safety, which allow us to reconstruct and trace the route that our ingredients take inside the production and distribution systems.

Primoforno is capable of tracking the path of every lot of raw materials (including packaging) from the supplier to the production phase and up to delivery to the client.

The company has implemented a protocol of constant verification and approval of our suppliers, so as to guarantee that every supplier of raw ingredients and packaging is able to manage the risks associated with the safety and quality of the raw ingredients and to adopt efficient tracking procedures.

These approval procedures and controls are based on a risk evaluation or a combination of the following elements:

  • certification (for example, BRC Global Standards, IFS or other certification programs)
  • on-site inspections of the supplier, in order to evaluate food safety, traceability, respect for the HACCP protocol and best practices in the production process.